Canary Island Date Palm
Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis)

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Our company offers palm trees for sale that are Florida grown from seed in a natural, field setting located in Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County. Our growing program includes the protection and conservation of our water resources with the use of micro-sprinkler irrigation and slow release fertilizers; and, we combine this growing technique with an integrated pest management program that reduces the use of chemical pesticides by substituting bio-controls. This program not only protects the environment but also produces stronger, more resilient trees that adapt well under transplant conditions, bringing many years of pleasure and pride to its new owners and aesthetic beauty to its new environment. We look forward to serving your landscaping needs.

Palm trees available for sale:

Field grown:
1,500+ Canary Island Date
   8' - 15' overall
Price on request
80+ Multi-trunk Senegal Date
   15' - 18' overall
Price on request

                                   Digging and shipping facilities must be provided by buyer

Potted:(Broward County Location)
  7-gal Bismarck palms $15.00 each
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